Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Crayon Art: Halloween/Fall edition

I wanted to create another crayon canvas creation, but more for fall and Halloween to decorate my house with. So I tried out a couple ideas. One failed miserably, but one turned out pretty good!

Pumpkin Crayon Art
I used the Crayola crayons again, this time I used one box of Keen Green and three boxes of Hello Sunshine.

I took the Hello Sunshine crayons, peeled them, and chopped them up roughly into thirds. I took the Keen Green ones, and just snapped the very tips off them to create the look of a stem and leaves. 

I then used a hot glue gun to affix them to my canvas in the shape of a pumpkin. Don't worry too much about being messy with the hot glue. The crayons will melt into one shape and the hot glue is mostly just to keep them in place while you are heating them. 

The next part was tricky. I wanted to heat the crayons to the point of melting them. However, I did not necissarily want a lot of spreading/splashing effect the blowdryer gives. I used a giant stick lighter on most parts so there was heat, but no blowing. This took a very long time and was slightly painful to hold down the trigger on the lighter, so I went back and forth between the lighter and a blowdryer. 

I'm so happy with my result. I am thinking about framing the sides with a green or black ribbon. I love this project because it's unique and I also versatile. I can use it to decorate for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crayon Art

Crayon melting is really popular right now, and I like the different ones I've seen. I saw a couple different ones I liked using a scheme of one color and incorporating it into a scene of some-sort. So I tried out my first crayon project, and it turned out pretty good!

I went to Walmart, and they had small boxes (8 crayons) of simple color schemes. I picked up two boxes of the green.
I simply glued them to the edge of a canvas in a random order with the flat tip towards the edge and the point towards the inside of the canvas (after peeling off the paper logos, which is optional). I used a hot glue gun to secure them in place. I then turned the canvas upside down with the crayons at the top. I had some help with someone holding the canvas for me, at a bit of an angle. I took a blow dryer and ran it back and forth until the crayons started to melt down the canvas. After that, I let it dry. Then I took fabric flowers and glued some in place with the hot glue gun in order to create a garden appearance. I like the way it turned out and I plan to play around with some other ideas.