Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Hair Story

I have recently cut all my hair off into a pixie cut! It was a pretty big change for me. I have barely even had my hair short. This is a style I have always admired and wanted to try. I always told myself I didn't have the right body type for it, though, and that I would miss my long hair too much. Finally, one day i was thinking about it. I talked myself out of it with the "I'll miss my hair" argument. Almost immediately, I laughed at how ridiculous that is. "Hair grows back, dumb-dumb," I thought, and I realized that I would probably miss my hair, but I will ALWAYS wonder and want to try short hair. So, I ran it by my friends. They all agreed I could pull it off and that I should just go for it. Most were surprised I hadn't already. I decided on a Audrey Hepburn style, or close to it, because I am always told I resemble her slightly. So, I asked my sister's best friend to cut it since she is a cosmetologist. She agreed, with apprehension. She told me she would cut it in sessions: cut a little, make me look at it, approve, then cut more. I'm positive she was convinced I wouldn't get past a bob cut. However, I got tired of the back and forth, and told her to just do it. She laughed and told me, "Lauren, you've never even had short hair, and you go straight for the pixie cut. That's just so like you." So she did it.

It was cold for the first few days, haha, and I'm still worried sometimes I look like a boy. I am reminded by my friends that I am very feminine and the cut does not detract from that. I do love it. It was such a change, and I think I needed it. I do miss my long hair sometimes, just like I thought I would. However, I'm really happy with my short hair right now. I'm glad I went for it!